Your First Call For Container Purchase or Sale 

Textainer Resale is a global leader in intermodal container sales and trading. We acquire and sell hundreds of thousands of containers to satisfied customers worldwide each year.

Responsive, reliable, and impeccable customer service is an integral part of our commitment to our valued customers.

We offer a team of international resale professionals across a network of offices in America, Europe, Asia and Africa, including an extensive network of worldwide depots. With a strong customer base in more than 200 locations around the world, we offer unparalleled local market insight. Textainer customers benefit from our logistics capabilities to customize solutions that can meet even their most complex needs. 

Apart from selling our own in-fleet containers, we also regularly acquire used containers from shipping lines and other customers.  These containers can be for immediate delivery or return over a period of months or years, depending on the customers’ specific needs, and can be redelivered to hundreds of locations worldwide.  

Textainer Resale is a trusted, reliable supplier and trading partner in dry, refrigerated as well as special containers in as-is, IICL or certified cargo-worthy condition.

If you require quality containers and a reliable trading partner, make Textainer your first call today.