Our Refrigerated Container Division is a major supplier of refrigerated containers to shipping lines around the world. We have one of the industry’s youngest and fastest-growing reefer fleets with equipment built to the highest specifications and latest technology, all covered by a comprehensive warranty program. We are able to meet any of your leasing requirements under both operating and finance leases. With equipment supply in key demand locations backed by the full service and support of our global network of offices and agents, Textainer is your trusted, first call for all of your refrigerated container needs.


Textainer reefers are supplied with the latest energy efficient machinery from Carrier Transicold, Thermo King, Daikin and Star Cool. Machinery can be fitted with a combination of standard and optional features as outlined below:

Standard Features

Optional Features

Full 5 year warranty

Dual voltage

Power/back‐up rechargeable battery

Remote monitoring unit (RMU)

Dehumidification control

Remote (4 pin) monitoring plug

USDA cold treatment

Water cooled condenser (WCC)

Power Savings Software

Transfresh port provision

Varnish (E coat) coated evap coils

Auto vents

Refrigerant R134A/R404A


Scroll or Reciprocating Compressors






Higher payload – 35 ton MGW (40ft containers)

More cargo carrying capacity

Corten Frames with Hot Zinc Spray Galvanizing (HSG).

Higher corrosion resistance, less maintenance, better appearance

Recessed corrugated stainless steel (MGSS) under‐floor with additional internal reinforcements and 5 load transfer members (on 40ft containers)

More clearance between sub floor and ground. No damage to crossmembers, lighter weight and less corrosion. Extend life of container and minimized repairs

Stainless steel (MGSS) outer cladding

Less corrosion, better appearance, less maintenance

High grade stainless steel (HGSS) interior linings

High impact resistance, corrosion and chemical resistance

Extruded Aluminum Scuff Liner

Provides additional rigidity to side wall and protection from loading damages

Recessed air barffle into front wall

Increased air flow due to smooth transition, less prone to damage

Provisioned for tectrol track

Ready for installation of optional tectrol track

Thicker end side panels, additional side posts and additional Corten steel omega reinforcements

Provide additional strength and minimize delamination

Recessed area (cut cuts) on front and rear sills

Eliminate damages to end sills from frequent chassis operation damages

Reinforced roof plates at corner posts

Minimize damages from handling equipment to roof and headers

High grade paint system with 5 year warranty

Urethane/acrylic paint throughout the exterior of the container. No bituminous undercoat used

Automated drain plugs

Less prone to damage

Additional certifications: ATO/sprenger institute, USDA compliant, ATP certified and taint test Taint Test (BS 3755)​​

Full certification to accommodate all types of cargos



The below stated dimensions and ratings are representative of Textainer's "typical" specifications. Individual container dimensions, ratings and specification details can be found by visiting our Equipment Status page.

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20' Standard Reefers

40' High Cube Reefers

Maximum Gross Weight 30,480 kg (67,200 lb.) 35,000 kg (77,160 lb.)
Tare Weights:
excluding reefer unit 2,600 kg (5,732 lb.) 4,180 kg (9,220 lb.)
with Carrier PrimeLINE 3,030 kg (6,680 lb.) 4,600 kg (10,140 lb.)
with Carrier ThinLINE 3,130 kg (6,900 lb.) 4,710 kg (10,380 lb.)
with Daikin 3,060 kg (6,750 lb.) 4,640 kg (10,230 lb.)
with Thermo King Magnum 3,010 kg (6,640 lb.) 4,600 kg (10,140 lb.)
Max. Payloads:
with Carrier PrimeLINE 27,450 kg (60,520 lb.) 30,400 kg (67,020 lb.)
with Carrier ThinLINE 27,350 kg (60,296 lb.) 30,290 kg (66,780 lb.)
with Daikin 27,420 kg (60,450 lb.) 30,360 kg (66,930 lb.)
with Thermo King Magnum 27,470 kg (60,560 lb.) 30,400 kg (67,020 lb.)
Internal Cubic Capacity 28.4 cu.m (1,005 cu.ft) 67.9 cu.m (2,400 cu.ft)
Stacking Test Load 102,375 kgs/post (225,690 lbs/post) 102,375 kgs/post (225,690 lbs/post)
Heat Leakage, U-Value Max. 22 kcal/h°C Max. 35 kcal/h°C
Air Leakage 3.5m/h(at 25.4 mm H20) 3.5m/h(at 25.4 mm H20)
External Dimensions
Length 6,058 mm (19'-10 1/2") 12,192 mm (40'-0")
Width 2,438 mm (8'-0") 2,438 mm (8'-0")
Height 2,591 mm (8'-6 0/10") 2,896 mm (9'-6 0/10")
Internal Dimensions
Length 5,456 mm (17'-10 13/16") 11,590 mm (38'-0 5/16")
Width 2,290 mm (7'-6 3/16") 2,290 mm (7'-6 3/16")
Height 2,276 mm (7'-5 11/16") 2,557 mm (8'-4 11/16")
Door Opening
Width 2,290 mm (7'-6 3/16") 2,290 mm (7'-6 3/16")
Height 2,264 mm (7'-5 1/8") 2,569 mm (8'-5 3/16")
Cargo Access Height 2,224 mm (7'-3 9/16") 2,506 mm (8'-2 11/16")
External Cladding
Side MGSS 1.0/1.2 mm MGSS 1.0/1.2 mm
Roof MGSS 0.8 mm MGSS 0.8 mm
Base MGSS 1.2 mm MGSS 1.0 mm
Door MGSS 1.6 mm MGSS 1.6 mm
Internal Cladding
Side HGSS 0.7 mm HGSS 0.7 mm
Roof P.P white AI. 0.8 mm P.P white AI. 0.8 mm
Base 40 mm high AI. T-floor 63.5 mm high AI. T-floor
Door HGSS 0.7 mm HGSS 0.7 mm
Front Corner Posts Outer: Corten 6.0 mm; Inner Corten 3.0 mm Outer: Corten 6.0 mm; Inner Corten 8.0 mm
Rear Corner Posts Outer: Corten 6.0 mm; Inner Corten 3.0 mm Outer: Corten 6.0 mm; Inner Corten 8.0 mm
End Rails Corten 4.0 mm Corten 4.0 mm
Side Top Rail Corten 4.0 mm Corten 4.0 mm
Side Bottom Rail Corten 4.0 mm Corten 4.0 mm
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