Container Recovery

Following recent developments Textainer has terminated its leases with Hanjin Shipping and is accepting back all containers previously leased to Hanjin Shipping.

If you have any Textainer containers formerly leased to Hanjin in your possession, custody or control, please contact us immediately using the contact details below with the container numbers of each of the containers in question. 

Contact Details

For returns or queries relating to:

Alternatively, contact your respective local Textainer office here

Textainer Containers:

Containers with the following prefixes:

  • AMFU

  • AMZU

  • CHIU

  • CLHU

  • GAEU

  • GATU

  • HJCU*

  • MAXU

  • SBNU

  • TEMU

  • TEXU

  • TGHU

  • TXGU

  • XINU

*Not all units with prefix HJCU are under Textainer control. To review a list of HJCU prefixed containers to return to Textainer, please click here 

Container details can be queried using the Equipment Status and Specification tool on our website here.